Western Digital’s MyPassport Pro Is a Portable Thunderbolt Drive For Creative Pros

Meet Western Digital’s newest portable Thunderbolt drive for creative professionals: the MyPassport Pro. The MyPassport Pro is a bus-powered drive (translation: It doesn’t require a power cable) that features an integrated Thunderbolt cable, making for super quick video file (and cat picture) transfers as well as added portability.

The cable wraps around the side of the My Passport Pro for storage, and WD tells Macgasm that the cable has been and reinforced and tested for maximum durability. The exterior of the drive is made from a tough aluminum, which not only looks attractive, but also offers drop and shock protection, according to the company.


The drive is available in capacities of 2TB and 4TB, and Western Digital claims the drives can achieve transfer speeds of 233MB/s and 230MB/s, respectively. To pull these speeds, the MyPassport Pro is actually two hard drives in the same shell, configured in a RAID 0 array. However, if you’d prefer a RAID 1 setup for maximum protection from drive failure, you can set your MyPassport Pro to do just that.

Both models are available for purchase now, with the 2TB version retailing for $299.99 and the 4TB for $429.99.

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