Keep Track Of Your Cables With The Apple ID Tags By Buoy Tags

If you often lend your iPhone charging cables to people at coffee shops, airports, or libraries, you may eventually experience someone walking off with it at some point. No matter how badly the accidental thief wants to return your beloved charger, they can’t because the person does not have your address or phone number–until now.

The Apple ID Tags by Buoy Tags aim to fix this issue by being tiny cable tags that allow you to patch your name and phone number to your chargers, headphones, and other cables. These tiny plastic cables attach to your cables with ease and distinguish your cables from others. And next time someone walks off with your charger, they have your number, so you can arrange for a return.
You can purchase a pack of three Apple ID Tags for $15.

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Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.