IFTTT Updates Its App, Now Sends Native iOS Push Notifications

The popular service scripting company, If This Then That (IFTTT), has begun offering iOS push notifications within a number of their recipes. If you have some scripts set up for things like weather notifications to your email, you can now have the service send you a push notification to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch instead.

The notifications won’t be instant, but they should around some time in 15 minute increments. The new iOS notifications require you to have the latest IFTTT 2.0 app installed on your iOS device. It’s not on all the app stores yet, but it should be popping up globally as we speak.

The new iPad app also includes curated recipes based on a number of categories. For instance, there’s a grouping of recipes for people in NYC, and another for people who like to travel.

Keep your eyes peeled for the updated IFTTT app in your local App Store.

For The Uninitiated

IFTTT lets you set up a number of conditions that can be monitored by the service and then acted upon. To start, you pick a service you’d like to have IFTTT monitor. Let’s say Twitter. Then you can set up a trigger condition that’s met by Twitter, like a “New Tweet By You.” You can then plug that in to a secondary service to have IFTTT do something every time you send a new Tweet. Maybe IFTTT sends you an email.

The format is simple: If <This> Then <That>, where <This> and <That> are service variables, also known as triggers. Here’s some examples:  If <The Weather Changes> Then <Send Me A Notification>.  Or, If <an RSS feed updates> Then <Publish The Post To My Tumblr Account>.  Here’s A Good One:  If < I Take A Photo On My iPhone> Then <

The possibilities are really quite endless.


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