Avoid Awkward Encounters With Split For iOS, An ‘Anti-Social’ App

You may already have a number of different social apps installed on your iPhone, but what about anti-social apps?

Split is an app for both iOS and Android that is designed to save you from running into awkward social encounters. Just tell the app who you’d like to avoid, and it will try to ensure that you stay away from whoever that person is.

When you select a person that you’d like to avoid, the app will automatically pull location data from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare accounts to help determine where they might be located. The app will alert you whenever someone you want to avoid is nearby, and it will even give you an “escape route” to help leave the “danger zone”.

The app will also notify you whenever “avoidees” sign-up to attend the same Facebook events as you.

Split’s CEO Udi Dagan describes how he came up with the app:

“Just imagine a world that no matter where you go, you only run in to people you want to meet,” said Udi Dagan, CEO and Founder of Split. “The idea for Split was born on a frustrating night, about two years ago, when I ran into my ex-girlfriend in a bar. After a few awkward minutes, I hurriedly gathered my friends out of there and into another pub down the street, where I literally bumped into another ex… Not a good night.”

Download Split for free here.

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