Sweden Gets Its First Apple Store On September 15th

Looks like reports are coming in that Täby, Sweden, is in for its very first Apple Store. Pictures have even been taken showing off the building covered in Apple’s trademark black cloth to prevent snoops from seeing inside. Nice try, Nancy Drew!

So, when do we expect to see the store open? Well, it’s looking like September 15th will be the magic date. Interestingly, IDG also states that an Apple Store is headed to Stockholm, Sweden. An Apple Store in Malmö, Sweden, is already a done deal, and it will likely be opening October 25th. These three stores will join Apple Stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands.

Apple has been incredibly successful with their retail stores, and they continue to be very aggressive in opening new locations all over the world. Despite the rumors of international layoffs and Apple’s bizarre “Whoopsie” denial, it looks like the expansion is still happening at a fairly brisk pace. If you live in an area with a substantial population, you can probably expect an Apple Store to show up eventually.

Retail stores are a great way for Apple to sell new products, but it’s also an important tool for support. Knowing that you can always bring your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to the Genius Bar right away gives customers a sense of safety that other companies don’t offer. Congratulations, Sweden, and welcome to the Apple Store Club.

Source: IDG (Translated)

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