Sorry Folks, Apple Isn’t Buying Waze After All

According to CNET, Apple Maps and Waze won’t become one anytime soon. A source familiar with Apple reportedly told CNET that original claims from some tech sites are completely “fabricated” and that Apple will not be acquiring Waze anytime soon.

The rumor was originally reported by TechCrunch on January 2nd. Apple was apparently willing to pay $400 million for the company plus $100 million in incentives, though Waze wanted $750 million. As of now, TechCrunch has also backed away from its claims by saying that the deal has “hit a roadblock”. According to TechCrunch, the Apple and Waze deal “isn’t a rumor (of a non-deal). There is no deal happening. At least not now or anytime soon.”

Waze is a mapping application for iOS that is a competitor to Apple Maps and Google Maps for iOS. Waze provides turn-by-turn directions and has a nice social media aspect. With Waze, routes are constantly updated as users submit traffic reports and even notify other users of police traps. Waze can also help you find the cheapest gas en route to your destination. All of these features make Waze one of the most unique, free mapping apps on the App Store.

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