New iPhone, Smaller iPad And iPods To Be Announced September 12?

Are you looking to pick up a new iPhone, iPad or iPod nano? You may want to wait a month. iMore reports that a whole plethora of new Apple products will be launched in September including the latest iteration of the iPhone, a smaller iPad as well as a possible new iPod line. And while none of this has been confirmed directly, iMore has said that “sources proven in the past” have told them the new iPhone will be announced on September 12 and released a mere nine days afterwards on September 21. They have also heard that new iPods and a smaller iPad will be announced the same day, but may or may not be released alongside the new iPhone. iMore is expecting a new iPod touch and iPod nano to be announced.

If you’re unaware, the new iPhone is supposed to feature a 4-inch screen, quad-core processor as well as a totally revamped design. The smaller iPad should feature a smaller 7.x-inch screen but be the same as the current 9.7-inch new iPad in other aspects. We have not yet heard any details regarding the new iPod line, although we could see the iPod classic and iPod shuffle killed off during the event. As for now, only time will tell.

Source: iMore via Gizmodo
Image Credit: Gabriele B.

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