MarsEdit updated to version 3.2

MarsEdit, what I’d call the best blogging app for the Mac platform, just got bumped to version 3.2.

MarsEdit includes some great features. It can be used with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, TypePad, Movable Type and more. It can upload and manage media easily, and save drafts locally for future editing or changes.

Almost every word I write for the Internet goes through MarsEdit. If you blog a lot from a Mac, it’s a must-have. It’s $39, but even that doesn’t cover the joy you’ll have not seeing WordPress’ “Add New Post” screen ever again.

Version 3.2 — Changelog

  • New Word Count feature displays in post status bar
  • Now reads previously used Tags from WordPress on refresh
  • Now more resilient to malformed XML and “bad characters” in downloaded posts
  • Performance improvements in media browser and autosave features
  • Now code signed to prevent need for re-authorizing keychain access every release
  • Bug fixes
    • More fixes to prevent Convert Line Breaks affecting preformatted text
    • Fix a bug that lost formatting information for image attachments saved to local drafts
    • Fixes to improve reliability “Paste HTML Source” in rich editor
    • Offer better error message when PHP out-of-memory message returned
    • Fix a crash when loading Flickr panel with thousands of Flickr images
    • Work around issues when running MarsEdit on a pre-release Mac OS X
    • Fix some bugs that caused the app to crash when errors occurred uploading attachments
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