Last Minute Apple Rumors Roll In, Get Your Salt Lick (MacBook Pro, Mac Pro)

Like every single other Apple keynote before it, last minute rumors have begun trickling in around the rumor sites, and while things aren’t nearly as far-fetched this time around (tapered iPhone 5 anyone?), the rumors still require a giant-ass salt lick. Here are the rumors from this morning, just so you know who to laugh at when things don’t work out.

Fancy New Retina MacBooks, Monitors

Despite weeks of rumors suggesting that the next MacBook lineup will get the Air’s form factor, as well as Retina displays, it’s now being reported that the MacBooks will get an update, but the only thing getting a real bump is the specs, like usual. Go figure. Well, that is, unless you’re 9to5 Mac, who states, “We are yet to receive details on the Retina Display MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Airs, but we believe that those notebooks are still coming at WWDC.”

We’re not a fan of the Retina MacBook concept, as we’ve stated in the past.

New Mac Pro

Speaking of 9to5 Mac, they’ve announced this morning that Apple will release a brand new Mac Pro, including two standards models, as well as a server model. An update by MacRumors points to some interesting tidbits that may disprove these claims, stating “several readers have noted, not only is the inclusion of an old graphics card on the Mac Pro a strange detail, but the listed processors do not even exist at the appropriate price and performance points in the Sandy Bridge E Xeon E5 line of Intel processors Apple is expected to use.”

Nvidia Graphics Back In MacBooks

Apple’s jumped between video card vendors in the past, and the rumors have Apple getting back into bed with Nvidia with the new MacBook Pro. Rumor has it that Apple will be including the GeForce GT 650M.

iOS 6 And Mountain Lion Announcements

These two are almost forgone conclusions. Apple has historically released details about iOS and OS X during their WWDC keynote. So, we expect them to do the same this time around.

Do not expect

Based on past tendencies, do not expect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod announcement today. We just had an iPad 3 (new iPad) announcement, and the iPhone and iPod announcements have been conducted in the fall the last couple of years.

There you have it. Pie in the sky, what do you hope Apple rolls out today? Personally, I’m really hoping for a new Mac Pro. Professionals deserve some attention, and today’s the type of keynote that makes sense for that kind of announcement.

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