Jon Ive Up For British Visionary Innovator Award

Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design and MacFusionGirl’s imaginary boyfriend Jon Ive is up for the distinguished British Visionary Innovator Award, thanks to his iconic and universally-slobbered-over design sense that’s made Apple devices into objects of desire for years. If you’ve ever picked up an iPhone and thought “Damn, this is awesome”… that’s why he’s up for an award.

The thrust of this particular award is all about who’s doing “the next big thing” and to what degree they’ve made our jaws drop. Ive has certainly changed the way people think about tech devices, and he stands alongside other big names such as Sir James Dyson, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, JK Rowling, and Simon Cowell who have been nominated for the distinction (yeah, I had some trouble figuring out what Simon Cowell’s name is doing there as well).

Ive has earned himself a number of professional distinctions and awards over the years, including a knighthood from the British monarchy (though no reports of getting a sword and shield, which I find odd). I think the best honor he could ever enjoy, however, is sour-faced nerds who say “the only reason people want Apple stuff is because it’s pretty”.


Source: The Mac Observer

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