Intel In Talks To Produce Apple Chips?

A surprising rumor today suggests that Intel could be in talks to produce Apple chips, which would be an interesting shift for the company. For years, Intel has made its business from manufacturing its own PC chips that are superior to rival products.

Manufacturing custom chips for other companies, like Apple, would be a huge move for Intel, but one that could boost stagnant production lines while also bringing in more revenue.

Last week, Intel said that it will be making chips designed by Altera, its first customer to contract chips, so this is definitely something that Intel is open to currently. All this has fuelled talk of an impending Apple deal. A source apparentely close to the companies said Intel and Apple executives have been in discussions for the past year but no agreement has been reached yet.

Making a deal with Intel would definitely benefit Apple, which still relies on Samsung in an awkward partnership for its chips. Samsung produces the A series of processors that are found in the iPhone and iPad.

Whether or not Apple and Intel decide to make a deal will depend on Intel’s new CEO, who has yet to be announced. Intel’s current CEO, Paul Otellini, is planning to retire in May.

Image Credit: Wired

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.