Intel: Sandy Bridge can ship

With stories floating around about delays with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors, while rumors of new MacBook Pros are circling, it’s a somewhat confusing time for would-be buyers.

Intel today has announced that it is working with OEMs to ship the troubled parts since the issues only affect some of the SATA ports on the boards. As Engadget’s Darren Murphy points out, this isn’t too big of a deal:

That means that existing machines can be shipped with the first two SATA ports on the mainboard enabled, and considering that most lappies have just a single HDD, one optical drive and no eSATA sockets, the vast majority of ’em should be able to ship sans issue.

Apple’s MacBook Pros — sans any major infrastructure changes — could  ship with these limitations. I guess we’ll see before long.

Update: Mac Rumors is reporting that Apple is  having difficulty meeting demands on it for MacBooks Pros. Usually supplies dry up before a refresh, but not to this point. If Apple has already ramped down production to get ready for Sandy Bridge-powered machines, Intel’s delay could explain the shortage.

Article Via Engadget

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