Apple Kills Off Chomp For Android

Back in February of this year, Apple purchased Chomp, a search engine that searches for apps based not only on what they are called, but also on what they do. Presumably this was to help Apple revamp their App Store, but this hasn’t occurred yet. Instead, users of Chomp for Android have recently been disappointed to discover that this service no longer exists. The logical conclusion, of course, is that Apple has decided to get rid of Chomp for Android, which does makes sense. Why would Apple continue to provide a service that contributes to a better user experience on a competing platform?

Since September 2011, Chomp has powered Android app searches within Verizon Apps, Verizon’s app store. It’ll be interesting to see whether Apple also terminates this partnership, reserving Chomp searches solely for Apple apps.

Hopefully, Apple won’t just focus on cutting Android users out of the party. It’d be great if we also saw Chomp integrated right into the App Store.

Source: GigaOm

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