Apple creates community feeling at retail stores

Apple is taking a new approach in their Apple Store 2.0, and instead of focusing on iPads as innovative devices, they’re going to use them to make the store feel more comfortable. They hope to give the customer the feeling that the specialists are there to help and guide them around the store and show them how things are done at Apple.

The report comes from a member by the name of Jack112006 who says:

As I was purchasing an iMac today, I spent quite a while talking to a few different staff members about the changes. To them, having the iPads as product info stands was nice, but the real change to them caused by the iPads is the queue system they introduce. Now, instead of having to wait around to find a free Specialist, all you have to do is request a Specialist from an iPad at the table you are at and they will be over as soon as they can be. It even tells you what place in the queue you are.

Lastly, there’s this bit of reading that Apple employees were given at the start of their day.

This comes on the heels of Apple Store 2.0 officially becoming a thing, and we’re hearing about ways Apple is caring more and more for its customers. This isn’t something new that Apple does, but it’s always interesting to see the new ways that they accomplish these objectives

Article Via SlashGear

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