Apple awarded patent for in-display RFID readers

Apple has recently been awarded a patent outlining a process to embed RFID readers in displays, a technology that would allow users to swipe their devices over RFID tags to read them.

RFID allows devices to communicate information between them without contact or line-of-sight, as infrared does.

The patent, named “Touch Screen RFID Tag Reader,” outlines Apple’s plans to implement “the efficient incorporation of RFID circuitry within touch sensor panel circuitry.”

The patent also includes information regarding an iOS app that would be used to read and display the information contained in the RFID chip read by the device.

RFID has been rumored to be in the next iPhone, and currently ships in the Google Nexus S Android phone. Such technology can easily turn a smartphone into an “e-wallet” for applications such as payments, ordering coffee and more.

Article Via Apple Insider

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