Zip files on your Mac

One of the first things I lamented about when I made the switch to OS X was that I couldn’t figure out how to zip files or folders. I had managed to figure out how to unzip files (Stuffit Expander), but couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t zip them up.  Turns out that OS X had me covered with a built in Zip utility. Sure, there’s a host of excellent application alternatives out there, most notably Rucksack, but they’re a little bit overkill for most Mac owners.

Whether you’re looking to zip a number of files together, or zip an entire folder you can do it in a couple or mouse clicks, without having to install any third party software.

Zipping Files, and Folders

Step One: Select the Files you want to Zip

Step Two: Right Click one of the Files, and select the Compress option

You should see an option to compress your number of files. In this case I have selected 6 items for compressing, so the menu item says, “Compress 6 Items.” If you’re only zipping one file the menu will say, “Compress FileName,” where FileName is the name of the file you’re zipping.

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