Telus brings iPhone woes

As you may have previously read, Telus is suing Rogers over their advertising campaign in which they tout themselves as Canada’s fastest mobile network and Canada’s most reliable network. As we reported earlier, an iPhone user living in Toronto posted a video on YouTube of speed tests between the Telus / Bell network and the Rogers / Fido network. The results were shocking as the former was pushing 5250 kb/s and the latter only 2611 kb/s.

It would appear as though Telus has the upper hand here, wouldn’t it?

Telus may have the lead on the fastest mobile network lawsuit, but the most reliable network? That’s a whole other story. It appears as though when Bellus launched their spiffy new HSPA+ network, they did not give it a GSM underlying. What this means is that if you turn off 3G (Settings -> General -> Network -> Enable 3G -> OFF), or your connection is lost, your brand new iPhone is basically turned into an iPod touch. No calls and no SMS.

If you’ve got an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS with Telus or Bell, give it a try yourself.

While Telus may be faster, it’s clear that Rogers is definitely more reliable. What do you think?

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