PSA regarding Backups

PSA About Using Super Duper for Backups.

I thought I’d give everyone a Public Service Announcement in regard to backups and making sure you know what you’re doing.

I managed to delete a Virtual Machine I had created using Virtual Box. I did this by setting up Super Duper to do a smart update of my Full Backup hard drive.

What I failed to do, beforehand, is realize that my Windows Server 2008 Virtual Machine was sitting on my that drive. Granted, it was just an evaluation copy of Server 2008, so it’s not the end of the world. There wasn’t much on the VM itself. It won’t take me too long to rebuild it, but it’s just the idea that I managed to delete the thing that bothers me.

But I want to let everybody know to verify that all of your important data is off of any hard drive before you decide to wipe it, or use it as a backup hard drive.

Also, are you backups up to date, and if you make a bootable backup, have you tested them to verify that they do indeed work? If not, I’d recommend doing so within the next 10 minutes, if possible.

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