Buy Amazon mp3s from iTunes?

Can you buy Amazon mp3s from iTunes? Possibly. With Advantageous mp3, you can now browse the iTunes music store and then download from Amazon’s mp3 store. This free script makes it all possible. After installing the script, it will appear next the the help menu bar button. Find an album or song that you like or are interested in purchasing, but instead of clicking buy in the iTunes store, click the script. This action will launch your web browser, and take you the the Amazon mp3 page that has your selection on it. You now have the option to buy your selection. This does not automatically purchase the song/album, you still have to do some work. Using this script allows you to see if the album is cheaper from amazon and to also get your music DRM-free. This is a nice way to actually make the Amazon mp3 store bearable to search!

You can find the script at

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