Backup those important docs.

I’ve been having some pretty paranoid thoughts lately. I’m in the middle of finishing up my semester and I’ve been working like a mad man on a whole slew of essays and assignments. . Every essay that I have worked on over the last couple of weeks, some of which are in various draft stages, are all that’s standing between me and finishing my semester. I’m constantly reminding myself that if my laptop died, or the harddrive failed I’d fail all of my courses because I wouldn’t have time to rewrite them all from scratch. While searching for some backup alternatives I stumbled across and application called iPodBackup. Essentially it uses a couple of rsync commands to let you backup your entire home folder to an attached ipod. If you know how to use the terminal and setup cron jobs you won’t need this application. But, for most of us, this application is a godsend.

Don’t worry about not having your home folder backed up, just use iPodbackup, finally you will be able to get a full nights sleep without worrying about how the technology gods could screw you over so easily.

PS. Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I have my finals coming up next week and I’ve been cramming like mad for the last couple of weeks.

Joshua Schnell

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