Taller iPhone Rumors Once Again Confirmed

According to iMore, the new iPhone will indeed be taller than the iPhone 4S. And while we’ve heard this time and time again, iMore is citing “reliable sources” who have unfortunately not been named. Before you call BS on iMore‘s sources, iMore was the first to leak the announcement date for the new iPhone. However, iMore‘s report doesn’t say much regarding the new iPhone’s design beyond confirming previous rumors of a taller screen, relocated 3.5mm audio jack and a smaller dock connector.

The report also said that the new iPhone’s design is identical to that of the dummy phone that we saw at IFA 2012. If this rumor is indeed true, the new iPhone’s design will feature an interesting and new two-tone backplate, which is said to be crafted out of metal and glass.

I’m really looking forward to the new iPhone’s revamped design as we’ve had the same body style since 2010. Besides the design, the new iPhone is also rumored to sport a faster CPU as well as LTE networking. Both of these upgrades will bring Apple to the front of the pack in terms of smartphone specifications.

Source: iMore via MacRumors

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