Photo Stream graphics hint at new iPhone 5 design

We may have on our hands the most legitimate, not-a-complete-shot-in-the-dark tip about the iPhone 5 on our hands, and guess who it comes from?

Apple themselves. Photo Stream, a new iCloud service that will be made available with the release of iOS 5, has been creeping into the new versions of Apple’s applications as we grow closer to the phantom known as the release date. Keeping in mind that Apple loves to be ridiculously detailed with their icons, we are given a screenshot from what is presumably an intro tutorial to Photo Stream.

I don’t usually lend too much credence to ANY rumor, but this one is just eerily accurate. I don’t have the iCloud betas for Mac, so I can’t confirm the existence of these images, but we promised to pretend like we care about iPhone 5 rumors, so here you go. Pray to your Jobs shrine EXTRA hard tonight, and maybe someone at Apple will have the decency to start inviting people to an event or something, or maybe the guy that has that missing prototype will post some pictures. But until then, we’re stuck with pure speculation. Take it with a grain of salt, as always.

Source: MacRumors

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