More Photographs of Alleged 13-Inch Retina Macbook Pro Surface, Authenticity Debatable


With the possible media briefing from Apple looming just over the horizon, now’s the perfect time to take bets on how many of these unverified glimpses of the as-yet-unreleased 13-inch Macbook Pro are real.

According to AppleInsider, a number of rather tantalizing images of the device recently surfaced on Chinese language forum Weiphone. They show what might possibly be the battery cell and external connectivity options of the upcoming laptop. If it isn’t just an elaborate attempt to elicit hungry attention, would-be customers will be able to enjoy the presence of two Thunderbolt ports, an SD card reader and HDMI output from their possible purchase some day.

Additionally, the post from Weiphone also contains close-up shots of the logic board, 8GB of Elipida RAM and screen assembly.

Is it time to get excited? Maybe. All said and done, these images are probably best appreciated with multiple grains of salt. While some insist that these are, in fact, legitimate photos, it’s impossible to say for sure. At least, not until the Apple media event that is supposedly scheduled to take place this October 23rd.

Gentlemen, make your wagers.

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