Leaked Photos Show iMac-Like HTC Tablet


An anonymous Twitter handle has appeared, and posted eight photos of what appear to be stills from a promotional video featuring a new tablet from HTC. Even more strange is the look of the tablet. Haven’t you heard? Asymmetry is the new black, or should we say iMac is the new tablet?

In these images, we seem to be looking at a roughly ten-inch screen at a roughly 16:9 aspect ratio. Most — err — uniquely, we see a chin that makes the bezel asymmetrical, kind of like the iMac, and Jay Leno just a little bit envious. Unlike the iMac and every other popular device ever, this tablet is shown with the camera on the bottom. While a device like this would undoubtedly work in any orientation, the visual weight of the chin makes putting it upside down a bad move. Also, the good ol’ HTC logo is there to tell you “YOU SHOULD BE USING IT THIS WAY!” How obnoxious caring of them.

While this is still just a rumor, the stills are pretty compelling. If this is a fake, the perpetrator went to quite some length using Photoshop to make it look believable. The tweets all label this as “Unknown HTC tablet, 2012,” so we will know if this is bogus sooner rather than later. Then the whole world can continue not buying any HTC tablets just like before.

Source: evleaks
Via: Ultralinx

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