Recommended Read: Dan Moren On Using Numbers For Business.

Dan Moren has an interesting feat even for a long time Mac user, he managed to use Numbers as his main spreadsheet program for running his freelancing business. Creating invoices, running the books, and creating charts to visualize everything, Moren got a lot out of Numbers.

I figure some of what I’ve done in concocting my master freelance spreadsheet might be of interest, both to folks who have to track this kind of information, as well as other novice-to-intermediate Numbers users. (As a caveat, I’m hardly an expert on these subjects, so I’m sure there are more efficient or better solutions to some of these problems—this is simply the way I did it.)

For a spreadsheet program that’s mostly a pretty afterthought, this is really impressive. I’m sorry I’ve underestimated Numbers for all these years.

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