Holiday Mac Sales, New Mac Pro Unboxing, Linux Exploits, And More In Our Weekly Reading Roundup

Now that the Holidays are almost over with, most of you should have completed your shopping by now. It appears that many of those purchases were Macs, as Apple had a reported 29% growth in Holiday sales. Many readers of this blog are likely being forced to deal with family tech support problems when they travel home for the holidays, Tim Cook’s getting the same treatment from the President. Obama recently asked Tim Cook, along with other high profile tech execs, for some help with the health care website and the NSA scandal. Beyonce gave iTunes a huge week, her new iTunes-only album sold 828,773 copies, a new record. Mavericks just got its present early, 10.9.1 was released this week. This update addresses issues with Mail and GMail as well as other bugs. Though the App Store is currently closed for the holidays, developers have been notified that after February 1st, 2014 they will no longer accept apps not optimized for iOS 7.

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