New York Times posts its review of Steve Jobs biography

If you want to know how Walter Isaccson’s official biography of Steve Jobs reads, you can head on over to the New York Times website and read a review. The two page article focuses a little more on the book and how it reads, as opposed to spilling the beans with spoiler after spoiler.

An excerpt from the New York Times Review:

Mr. Isaacson takes his readers back to the time when laptops, desktops and windows were metaphors, not everyday realities. His book ticks off how each of the Apple innovations that we now take for granted first occurred to Mr. Jobs or his creative team. “Steve Jobs” means to be the authoritative book about those achievements, and it also follows Mr. Jobs into the wilderness (and to NeXT and Pixar) after his first stint at Apple, which ended in 1985.

There are some spoilers, so if you’re in an absolute blog lockdown until the biography is released on Monday, you may want to steer clear. But all in all, the New York Times review reads like a review, not like an organization trying to cash in on page views by spilling the beans to everyone before the book is even released. We recommend giving it a read. It’s a nice preview of what’s in store for us on Monday.

Source: New York Times

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