Yelp Apps For iPhone, iPad And Web Get Updated To Version 6.0

Yelp will be seeing a big increase in the number of users it has when the service is embedded into Apple’s new iOS 6 mobile operating system. Yelp and Apple already work together to provide local business listings and rating through Apple’s Siri voice assistant, but with the release of iOS 6 Yelp will also provide deals, ratings, and reviews to the company’s new Maps service. Users will also be able to check-in without having to leave the Maps app. In the meantime, the company is still releasing updates for its iPhone, iPad and Web apps.

Yelp app for iPhone updates:

In Yelp’s updated 6.0 version for the iPhone, the business pages have been remodeled to focus more on aesthetic appeal and efficiency. Changes have been made to how business details, photos, review highlights, reviews and tips are displayed. A new “pull to view” feature is also included, which is a quick way for users to see the photo gallery for a business.

The new app also supports Yelpy insights. These give information in more detail on which businesses are suited to different demographics. For instance, the Yelpy insights will give information on which restaurants are good for vegetarians. Tips are now likeable and updates have been made on the way content is displayed to logged out users on the iPhone.

Yelp app for iPad updates:

With version 6.0 of Yelp, users can now edit business information from within the app, add photos and vote on reviews, as well as send other Yelp users compliments for great reviews.

Yelp app for Web updates:

For those who don’t have an iOS device, Yelp has also updated their mobile website. The updated Web app now supports user logins, the creation and viewing of bookmarks and it also allows for the addition of tips.

While not quite at the same level as the iOS apps, the company behind Yelp has said it plans to keep updating the mobile website.

Source: Apple via The Next Web
Image Credit: Apple

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