Wurdle: an iPhone App Review

Having an iPhone since Day 2 of its release (as in 06/30/07 not 07/12/08), I’ve been excited to get the application store and since it has arrived I’ve purchased and downloaded my fair share of the applications. One of which is Wurdle.

Wurdle is a simple concept. It is a word game that allows you to find words within a grid and you get more points for longer words. Much like boggle or a word-search, it’s a simple concept.

Wurdle has a myriad of options, as shown below.
Wurdle Options

I think the most useful option is the ability to pause a game (a new feature in version 1.1). This allows you to get some gaming time in while you’re waiting in line, on the bus, or in the elevator. Yet, if you get interrupted you will not necessarily lose your place.

While the ability to pause a game is nice, you do have the ability to try and one-up other players by submitting your score online. Not that I have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting to the top, it’s fun to try. There are a bunch of other options available as well. Like the ability to change the color of the tiles, size of the board, and the play length. Additionally, the longest words you locate are kept track of, so you can go back and looks at them.

The biggest downside is that it can be difficult, with the larger grid sizes, to be able to see or select the proper letter, thus wasting time by re-doing the entire word, or backtracking enough to get to the proper word.

Wurdle is $1.99 from the iPhone App store. It’s something I’d recommend. However, be forewarned that it is very addicting and one of the games that will be difficult to put down. So do be prepared to waste some time with the game.

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