Would you be my Valentine? – Love Apple

It’s Love at First Touch according to Apple this year, as their main email focus seems to be on the iPod Touch. “Share a love song. Download a Karma Sutra app. Play two-person games. Even find romantic restaurants. It’s all possible with iPod touch. Make it perfect with a free personal engraved message.” OK, so I added the Karma Sutra app in, but it’s Valentine’s..

Don’t be fooled by the free engraving if you thought now was the time to get that personalised iPod with ‘I <3 my cat’ on it though, that’s still free the rest of the year.

They’ve put together a guide on all the Apple products you could buy that special someone in your life, not sure how my girlfriend would take to receiving a Tom Tom car kit, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

The Product Red iPod Nano seems the most fitting Valentine’s product to buy, and it’s almost affordable to most pockets at £118/$149 for the 8GB model. Dont forget the free engraving, and for another £3/$5 you can even get it gift wrapped so you don’t need to bother!
Just remember to order before the Feb 10th to give them time to lazer that beauty and get it shipped out to you. There’s also free shipping on orders over £78 for UK folks, and on Gift Guide items for US folks. Looks like you get a bit of a sore deal there guys, sorry.

So get clicking and buy buy buy, you can never have enough Apple stuff, even if you treat yourself to something this Valentine’s, that’s OK, we wont tell.

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