Whiteboard for the iPhone — Schoolboy fantasies run amok

Raise your hand if you always loved sneaking up when a teacher wasn’t looking, and writing an [expletive deleted] on the board. I know I sure did. With this Writeboard app you could fulfill your five second jollies again by writing lewd words or drawing a stickman running around wildly without clothes on. The app comes to us from GreenGar Studios. The folks who also brought us the Brain Tuner app.

What You Can Expect
Unlike other apps that have something to them, this app really… Doesn’t. I’m serious. You have a blank white screen, and you have an option menu to bring up for widening your brush or changing the color. It is a fairly simple process. One finger use is only allowed for drawing as more than that will continuously bring up that menu. There really is nothing other than that — except for what might be the best feature:

The Better Parts About the Application
What you’ll notice upon entering the app is that it loads [Your Name]’s iPod or gives you the option to “join another whiteboard.” Basically, what you can do to really enjoy this app is use it to play pranks or have fun with your friends. Let’s say you’re sitting at work, and you know your friend across from you has the app. You can search for theirs and leave a silly note or picture directly on it. Enjoy the countless tic/tac/toe games and more because this is about the best you’ll get out of the app.

Looking to the Future
I really don’t know how to improve this. Maybe make sure you’ve got an app coming out for the iPad so that you have more of a screen to play with. That’s the real issue with the app. Most apps find a way and adjust to the small screen. The touch sensitivity with it isn’t perfect either. Just some food for thought.

The Just of It
What you’re getting is what the title is: A whiteboard. Or as some may call it, a dry erase board. Well maybe not a dry erase board. You can only “start new” instead of erasing. You can make an argument as to whether it’s worth a download. And the best defense to it, is that it’s a free app. I’m always open to trying those out. So if you’re bored at home, work, on the go… Give it a quick download and have some fun. It may not be an app you keep around long, but at least give it the opportunity.

Photo Credit: Whiteboard app & Jeff Kubina

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