WhatsApp For iOS Will Get Voice Calling In The Next Few Months

By now, you probably already know all about Facebook buying WhatsApp for all the moneys. Coming off that announcement, WhatsApp has revealed that it will be adding voice calling support sometime in the coming months.

Yup, instead of having text convos with your friends, you’ll now also have the option to communicate through voice. WhatsApp says that it’s currently working on making sure the new feature is simple and incredibly bandwidth efficient.

Odds are you aren’t too excited about the news, seeing as how there are literally dozens of iOS apps that already have VoIP (Voice over iP). But if you aren’t already using Skype, Google Hangouts, BBM, Facebook Messenger etc… and if you’re a regular WhatsApp user, this should come as a welcome addition.

The feature will come to iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp sometime in the second quarter.

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