What do I want out of a browser? Part VII

Keychain Integration

So, we’ve been through every feature I wanted in the web browser of my dream except for one. This feature, I feel, is the unsung hero of Mac OS X. Keychain Integration! This is a simple, central way of keeping all of your important passwords at the tip of your fingers, but completely secure. The fact that some browsers on Mac OS X don’t have Keychain integration yet is appalling to me. Okay, maybe not quite “Appalling,” but very disappointing to me. This is a fantastically useful feature for everyone from Granny with her first iMac to Joe iPhone-Developer with his dual-quad Mac Pro. Everyone uses passwords, so everyone needs as simple way to manage them. There is no good reason not to use it!

That wraps up all of the features I want out of my dream browser, but that doesn’t wrap up this series. I’ll be making one more post with all of this content combined. In the mean time, you can peep the overview of all of the features in Part I. Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, and Part VI drilled down on the other features that I want out of a web browser.

Photo Credit: PhotoOptik

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