Warfare Incorporated: The Strategy Comes to the iPhone

If you’ve never played Warfare Incorporated ($4.99), you might as well get on the bandwagon and play. There’s a reason why it’s available to a bunch of platforms, from the old school PDAs to the new school iPhones and iPod touches. Two words: it rocks.

In Warfare Incorporated, a real-time strategy game, your mission, should you choose to accept it (well, actually, you have no choice at all), is to defend planet Icarus from your enemy. Icarus is rather desirable because it has an abundant supply of Galaxite, a highly coveted mineral resource. It’s your duty to generate Galaxite and to do so peacefully without enemy attack of the OMNI base who is also seeking the precious resources that are so incredibly important to your survival.

This responsibility is not as easy as it seems, and as you progress through later stages in the game, you may be tasked with defeating the enemy, saving your camp, or providing aid to other allies on the planet.

Warfare Incorporated’s beauty is really its optimized iPhone and iPod touch controls. It is, and I say this in a giddy voice, SO cool to create rectangles around your characters to send them on missions for particular moves. I actually spent some time just playing around with these controls; Spiffcode Inc. executed this feature quite well.

The game itself features 20 story missions and over 200 add-on missions, but to be honest, I haven’t had the opportunity to play them all. I can already tell you, though, that you’re in for an incredible ride. Warfare Incorporated is a game that you should definitely opt to buy, and that’s even more important if you’re a fan of real time strategy games.

Tamar Weinberg is a blogger and author of The New Community Rules (July 2009), a book on social media marketing and how to leverage existing communities for awareness and profit. She is also a new mom.