Wallet lets you store your password information

I figured that since 1Password has gone to version three that now would be a good time to re-evaluate the password managers out there before I decide to settle in on 1Password again. It’s a good practice, and I’d recommend everyone does it before the re-purchase an application of any kind. I got a recommendation from Brady Valentino on twitter about Acrylic’s Wallet application (That’s twice in one week. I should ask him to write for us.) It does a lot of what 1Password does and it also has an iPhone app, just like 1Password.

I’ve been stating the benefits of syncing data a lot lately, so the fact that Wallet also lets you sync your database across Mobile Me (Boo!), and WebDav (Yea!) doesn’t fall on deaf ears for me. I can’t wait for a time when all my applications are syncable across my machines, hopefully it’s sooner than later.

Anyhow, Wallet is a password manager, a credit card manager, and a serial key manager. That’s just out of the box, they do give you the ability to set up other categories for you to manage information as well, which seems handy, even though I have absolutely no idea what else I’d want it to manage.

It has 256 AES encryption on your information, so you can be sure that someone’s not going to get at that information unless the work for the CIA or have access to a Crate super computer. It’s worthy of a look, and as it stands it’s seriously tempting me as a full time option.

Thanks goes out toBrady Valentino
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