Video: Want to know who’s behind the sounds on your Mac?

Creative’s get the thought process that goes into creating something that’s great. Non-creative’s see or hear something and think, I could do that for half the price. Well I’ve got news, you probably can’t, and if you don’t believe me you should probably watch this video.  Jim Reeks fills us in on the process of creating the sound effects that are still present around the OS.   Reeks was responsible for coming up with some of the sounds we hear today on our Macs. It’s a pretty interesting video and I recommend giving it a watch. The intro isn’t in English, but the interview is English, so don’t give up during the intro.

There’s a bunch of interesting insights in the video, including what it was like to be working on audio at Apple while they were being sued by the Beatles.

OMT in San Francisco #3: ‘Let it beep’ from One More Thing on Vimeo.

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