And now, a video of Jony Ive talking about design and alu-minium

There’s something remarkably simple and yet profoundly complex about the design of Apple’s products. While many have tried to argue that Apple’s design for products like the iPhone were “obvious” choices, this video of Jony Ive talking about the creation of the aluminum unibody MacBook illustrates the level of thought that goes into every single decision about the materials used to design products. It’s a short video, but it also really hammers home Apple’s love for great design.

Anyone else get the feeling that this man could easily be the CEO of Apple at some point in the future? This guy embodies the Apple spirit, “An indicator has value when it’s indicating something, but if it’s not indicating something it shouldn’t be there.”

Sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?

Update: Maxim Harper has pointed out that this clip is from a larger documentary called Objectified. He recommends it. We’re gonna check it out.

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