Twitter For iOS Updated To Version 6.1, Brings Several Improvements To Photos

Twitter has updated its iOS app to version 6.1, bringing with it a number of improvements.

The update sees most of its improvements go towards how photos are handled within the app. Twitter has made it easier for users to send photos as replys, and it has also improved the built-in photo editing tools. Here are the four main photo related improvements included in the update:

  • Click on a Tweet and reply with a photo by selecting the gallery icon.
  • Easily mention other users when you Tweet a photo.
  • Improvements to the photo cropping and image rotation
  • Various improvements to the photo viewer.

Besides that, the update also includes a couple other things. Now when you’ve gone through all the latest tweets in your feed, the app will automatically start to show tweets that are recommended for you, as it tries to get you to navigate over to the app’s “discover” section. Also, those with login verifcation enabled will no longer be required to create temporary passwords to login.

Download Twitter for free off iTunes.

Photo Credit: shawncampbellcc

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