Twelve South just pushed my wallet into extinction with BookBook for iPhone


Twelve South, continuing to build quite a name, has just made my wallet obsolete with the release of BookBook for iPhone. You may have seen our previous BookBook write-ups for the iPad and Macbook Air, and they have stepped up their game this time.

When I first heard tale of BookBook for iPhone I immediately drew the conclusion that they had crossed the line. I was sure this would be a gimmicky iPhone case with no purpose, but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The iPhone edition of the now famous BookBook doubles as a wallet with slots to carry your credit cards and identification.The I.D. pocket has a clear plastic face so you can buy liquor without having to remove the card from your wallet. Should the occasional disgruntled police officer ever require you to remove it though, there is a convenient thumb slide hold in the plastic.The Book Book for iPhone has two hard-back book covers wrapped in leather to protect your iphone, while allowing you edge to edge access to the screen, as well as keeping all of the controls unmasked.

If I had to question one thing about the BookBook for iPhone, it’d be the decision to not include a camera hole.To keep the look seamless, they opted to cover the camera and include a tab to safely pull the phone part way out of the case allowing the camera to do its thing.

BookBook for iPhone is available now for $59.99 with free shipping to the US.

While $60 may seem steep for an iPhone case, it’s nice to see a company still offering handmade products, and Twelve South’s quality in craftsmanship has always spoken for itself.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one, I’m super impressed that they took this in the direction of a wallet/case.

You can get the BookBook for iPhone directly from Twelve South’s website.

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