TV Shows might be getting a whole lot cheaper on iTunes

Maybe TV executives actually do listen to us measly internet users. Apple may have convinced television executives to lower the price of their video content to a paltry $0.99 per episode. Jobs has long stated that he believed that the sweet spot for consumers was $0.99, and was on the record saying that music over 0.99 was a terrible idea. Yesterday, we wrote about the music industry noticing a growth decline since they moved to increase price by 30%, and today we hear that another industry is thinking about chopping the price.

It’d be welcome for most people, and it’d certainly be welcome for those of us who find ourselves purchasing entire seasons of a show just so we can catch up to date with the television (ahem, Lost, ahem). We don’t have any interest in re-watching them, and we certainly don’t want to eat up our precious bookshelf space with the discs. At the $0.99 price point I’ll find myself more willing to purchase an episode on iTunes instead of hitting up other shady methods.

It’s a smart move, and it might just put the iPad into the hands of some people who are still on the fence. The music sold iPods, and the TV shows and eBooks will sell the iPad. Apple knows this, and it’s the reason Jobs has been hitting the streets knocking on the doors of major magazines, newspapers and publishers. Success for the device will be directly proportional to the success of the iTunes store and the availability of affordable content. Cheap TV programming is the first step for many.

Via Apple Insider

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