Try A Risk Free Demo Of iOS 7 Right Now

If you’ve been debating on whether or not you should take the glitchy plunge that is the iOS 7 beta (check our review here), or whether you’re just curious as to how exactly the new OS looks, this new interactive demo from Recombu might help you.

The site has created a demo for users to get a glimpse of what iOS 7 would look like on their phone. It lets you click on different apps to see how they’ve been updated and it gives you a good idea of what changes have been made to the UI.

While it doesn’t have too many of iOS 7’s flashy animations, the demo does provide a good sense of what iOS 7 currently looks like. You can see how most of the menus and apps look and have them help you decide whether you like the looks enough to try upgrading now, or whether you should wait for the full version.

Try it out for yourself here.

Image Credit: Business Insider

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