Transfer Text, Photos, Whatever From iOS To OS X Messages Beta

Those of you who are trying out OS X Messages beta might not know some of the cute tricks you can pull with it. Oh, sure, it makes your iPhone buzz every time you send or receive a message (to the point where you want to cut your wrists or, you know, turn the vibration off… either or), but you can also use it to quickly move files from and to your iOS device.

How would you ever perform such a feat of brilliance and ingenuity? For the answer, we turn to Macworld, which explained the simple process thusly:

If you have the Messages beta installed on your Mac, click on the Compose button at the upper left of the Messages window. At the To prompt, start typing your own name, then select your iMessage address from the list of suggestions. Then drag (or copy and paste) your file, URL, or text snippet into the text-entry field at the bottom of the window. Whatever you’re sending will appear on the “sent” side of the message pane; it will almost immediately appear in the “received” side, too. More importantly, it will almost immediately pop up on your iOS device as well.

Mac OS X Messages is a beta app that will see a full release with Apple’s Mountain Lion operating system update this summer.

Source: Macworld

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