Top Macgasmic posts of the week: September 19th Edition

Well hello there again. How’s that weekend going? Looking back at the previous week and what you all loved, I’m a little surprised that there’s not a single iPhone 5 rumor in the bunch. Are you all just over it? At this point we are so close it really seems silly to keep speculating. We are about to know for sure any day now. So what did you guys love and click on this week? Apparently Joshua’s post on Apple Stock soaring higher than it has before excited you. I know it excites me, but that’s because I purchased just before the iPhone announcement in 2007 (mmmmmmhhmmmm, oh yes I did). It looks like you guys are loving Susan’s review of the iNecklace as well. Joshua’s article on iCloud backup resets were tops. I am actually more interested on how the transition from MobileMe to iCloud is going to go. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually a bit shocked to see that so many people care about having MSN chat in your iChat (sorry). Last up for our most popular posts this week was one from Josh W. on the Redsn0w 0.0.9b1 Jailbreak. Thanks for all the clicks and comments this week!

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