Thousands May Lose Internet Access Monday

In 2011 a group of hackers released a virus under the name ‘DNSChanger’. This virus is pretty simple — it changes your DNS settings, making you unable to connect to the net. After the FBI recently broke up the group, they set up temporary DNS servers that matched the virus. This allowed users affected by the virus to connect to the Internet safely and securely. Unfortunately for those affected, these servers won’t be up for long.

The FBI has said that they will be shutting down the temporary DNS servers on Monday, July 9. This will then make the users affected by the DNSChanger virus unable to connect to the Internet as the DNS settings will come up invalid. The 650,000 users affected will have to either change their DNS servers or reinstall Windows.

According to CBC News, Jenny Shearer, a spokesperson for the the FBI’s National Press office, has stated that “an extension has not been requested”.

Source: CBC News
Image Credit: osde8info

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