This intracately detailed case will bring a little steampunk to your iPhone

If steampunk is your thing, then you’re going to want to pick up this case for your iPhone. The cases are made by Paul Marsh, who has drawn on his experience in the film industry, where he makes models and props. Marsh can only use each mould 40-45 times and he also changes the configuration of the metal powders every 50 units, so chances are you will never run into someone who has the exact same case as you do.

To make the cases, Marsh makes moulds from various watch and clock parts. He then fills the moulds with a polyurethane resin that has been mixed with brass, bronze, copper and iron metal powders.

The picture above is the “Salvaged” model, which looks like it could have been pulled from the bottom of a lake with its rust and patina. A second model, “Antique,” provides a more uniform color.

The cases are available through Etsy and will run you $64.00 USD.

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