Think, one application at a time.

I’ve really been into getting things done these days. It’s funny because I’ve officially just wrapped up my academic career, and now that it’s over I’ve got more time to sit down and try to figure out how I can be more productive.

One thing I really struggled with over the last couple of years was multi-tasking. It’s not that multitasking was difficult, it was that I pushed my multi-tasking so far that it became counter intuitive. When your entire dock is lit up like a Christmas tree with blue lights, you know you’re in trouble.

Sometimes we just need to Think. We need to be in one application, and we need to be able to focus on it. There’s a number of applications that we’ve featured in the past, most notably concentrate, that help in this regard. They assist you in focusing on tasks.

I’ve recently been using an application called Think, go figure, and it has actually become quite useful for me, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the windows I have open. When you’re multi-tasking over multiple monitors and a slew of spaces, things get a little chaotic.

Think has a simple concept, it fades out your desktop and background application windows, but leaves the window and application you’re working on in plain view. Plain, and simple… just the way I like it these days.

One thing to note here is that the application doesn’t seem to be fully patched for snow leopard. I don’t have any details on that in fact, but since updating to snow leopard it has seemed a little wonky. Just thought you should know.

Image Credit: bcymet

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