The Real TomTom Test

Back in September I wrote an article about the TomTom iPhone app based solely on my opinion without actually having the product. Today I write with hands on experience with the TomTom iPhone app. If you are not aware of what TomTom is, TomTom is a company that produces high end GPS Navigation products on the portable side. With a wide variety of products there is a price and model for every one. Now the TomTom iPhone app is on the pricey side at $99 USD in the app store. But what you get is nothing less than what you would get with any of their GPS line. My first impression of the app was that of it being an actual GPS in my hands. The software is just like the software you will get on their other devices. You don’t have to use the app for going to a specific place, but you can put in an address if you want. You also have the choice to “Call” points of interest.

While testing this app out I used it two ways. These are the same ways I use my other GPS. I used it as just a dashboard/seat side map and then used it to get me to a specific location. Using it as a map it was fairly accurate to where I was traveling. Some of the street names were a bit off, But here in Missouri most our streets have 2 – 3 names. Timing of the map moving was normal as well as compared to my other GPS. Some areas were also a little off, but that I can blame on my area growing and new places and streets being built. For all intents and purposes though, it was very accurate.

Now when entering an address, the app seemed to get a little confusing. You put in the city, then it asks for the street and also suggests street. That is where it confuses me. I don’t want to see options when I am trying to enter information like that. I also feel that it should ask for the address first or give me the option to skip. But that may just be me. After getting all the info in I proceeded on my route. Now, I tested this 2 times. The first time I went the way that I go every day, which is a backwards way to get to my job. The app did as expected. It freaked out! The TomTom app wanted me to go the easy route and I didn’t want to. Every time I went the way I go, it wanted me to turn around. It didn’t say “make a u-turn” but it would imply it. Eventually the app stopped trying to figure me out and let me drive with out giving me any instructions until getting within 2 miles of my destination. This seemed odd to me, I feel the app should have recalculated based on my current route to help me. Again I was being a stubborn driver. The next test, I followed the apps instruction all the way. I arrived at my destination with little problems. It was accurate and took me on the standard route.

I would like to see some changes to the app. It is kind of discouraging when a GPS app gives up on you when you don’t listen to it. I think easier navigation through the menus would be nice. Recalculations based on your current route would be a nice addition as well. I am not sure if TomTom will be offering free map updates or not, or if it will be a cheap update used with in app purchases. But I think that should be an option and I am sure we will find out more later on that. All in all, I think that this is a pretty nice app. I still believe it is a bit pricey, but after seeing all the work that they put into this and the accuracy to bring it up to par with their other devices, I can understand the price. If you are a TomTom fan and use their products and have been happy with them in the past, then I say go for it. You can find more info on the TomTom iPhone app on their website.

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