The BookArc is as sexy as they come.

If there’s one thing going for the Apple lineup that Windows pundits can’t take a pot shot at, it’s that they’re drop dead gorgeous. We here at Macgasm think that there’s a lot more to the Mac then how hot it looks on your desk or on your lap, but we’re not going to wax philosophical about those right now.

What’s the point of having a gorgeous laptop and a gorgeous operating system if your laptop stand is as ugly as they come? I mean, it would look sexy sitting on a desk, but it would certainly look a lot sexier sitting in a BookArc stand.

It’s brushed metal, it’s minimal, and it puts the focus on the that sexy laptop of yours in ways that very view laptop stands think to do.

The positives

This thing comes wrapped in a pretty sexy box, taking a page directly out of Apple’s playbook, but it’s not the box that made my day. It was the realization that the Book Arc team had the foresight to provide me with a bunch of different grommets to fit a variety of Apple Laptops, right in the box. If you don’t know what model grommet you need, don’t worry about it, it comes with all the options you need. Have a MacBook, Macbook Air, or MacBook Pro? It ships with three rubbers that not only let you use the appropriate one, but also let you interchange them at any point.

The negative

There’s not much you can say about a laptop stand that would be a negative, outside of aesthetic reasons if it doesn’t meet your taste requirements, but something that stood out was that the stand doesn’t seem to support my laptop sitting Apple emblem upwards. It’s hard to put into words, but you know how your laptop has the Apple logo facing the proper way these days, unlike they did in the G3 models? Well, when I try putting my laptop in the stand that way, the laptop pops open instead of remaining closed. I have a feeling it has something to do with the magnets in the laptop lid.

I did, however, test it on a couple of MacBook Pros and not all of them acted in the same way. So it could just be my laptop acting up just to be difficult. It wouldn’t be the first time that happens.

All in all, it’s probably the best laptop stand I’ve come across. It looks good, it functions the way a stand should, and it gets the laptop up off the desk, and gives me back some much needed real estate. Sounds like a success to me.

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