Ten Things I Love About Leopard

Well, my straight upgrade went flawlessly. I pretty much disabled anything that modified any Apple-developed application, and that seemed to neuter any potential problems. All of my applications work with two exceptions. Chax isn’t Leopard compatible, so I haven’t tried it. Last.fm seems to either crash or start two instances of itself. If those are the biggest problems I’ll have, I consider myself extremely lucky.

Read my ten favorite features after the jump.

1. Front Row 2.0. What a fantastic application. It puts 1.0 to shame. No more caching lag, or latency between switching menus. Worth the price of admission for me.

2. I love that the “Show all windows” Expose hot corner works while viewing all spaces. That is very useful.

3. Stacks allow me to have everything at my finger tips. It also helps me keep my desktop clutter-free.

4. Calculations and Dictionary in Spotlight rock my world.

5. Dashcode works flawlessly. I have created a widget for my podcast, a widget to countdown, and a news reader widget. Superb.

6. The desktop is classy. I think the transparent menu bar and the transparent black dock on the side add a level of class not previously there.

7. I love the built in screen sharing in Finder and iChat. What good ideas.

8. DVD Player is much improved. I love that the full screen key combo is finally consistent with that of Quicktime and iTunes.

9. Alex sounds really good. I miss Bruce a little bit, though.

10. QuickLook is a must-have feature. How did I live without it?

Grant Brunner

Grant is a writer from Delaware. In his spare time, Grant maintains a personal blog, hosts The Weekly Roar, hosts Quadcast, and writes for video games.