Stupid Facebook Photo Causes Home Invasion

Here’s a bit of Monday advice for you all: When helping your grandmother count her life savings, don’t post a picture of it on Facebook. The only people that care are a couple of seedy looking guys who want to break into your house.

That’s what happened to a 17-year old from New South Wales, Australia, last Thursday. At around 4pm, the teen was helping her grandmother count her life savings when she just had to post a picture of the cash on Facebook. After the picture was posted, two guys came to the house where the photo was taken. The men, armed with a knife and club, demanded the cash. When they were told that the money wasn’t there, the two men entered the house anyway, leaving with a small sum of money and a few personal items. The men most likely found the girl’s house by using the address she had listed on her profile.

So, how do you prevent this from happening to you? Start by not posting a picture of your grandma’s cash (or anyone’s cash) on Facebook. Then change your privacy settings so only your friends can see your content. Speaking of friends, don’t accept random friend requests on Facebook. That’s just creepy.

Source: New South Wales Police
Photo Credit: gcfairch

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